Eleven Long Years - Darcy Perry 

The new offering from Darcy Perry is an eclectic mix of songs, mostly recorded from 2007 through to 2012, with final recording and mastering in 2013 by Regan McKinnon at The Porch in Hamilton. The album features long-time collaborators; brother Regan Perry brings the funk to Shine On, Simen Aanerud's Love In Vain is a powerhouse of rock, Craig Bracken's soulful harmonica on Thursday Blues and Daron MacDonald's majestic Hammond on Blues For Earl. Says Perry, "I think of it as a patchwork quilt of many colours. Individually, each song has its own quality. Together, it’s a mosaic of my life. Eleven Long Years is a gift to my family, friends, musicians and music fans who have supported the band from the beginning."

1. Walk In The Sun
2. Love In Vain
3. Shine On
4. Eye For An Eye
5. Thursday Blues
6. We’re Going To Get There
7. Feel Your Love    
8. Blues On Broadbeach     
9. Eleven Long Years
10. Blues For Earl

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Phoenix - Darcy Perry Band

"Opener Soul Of A Man is a blistering beginning to this lengthy 16-track set. Other highlights include I Wish It Would Rain, Phoenix, the late night Kick The Crack and keyboardist Simen Aanerud’s aching ballad Save Yourself with New Zealand’s one and only Miriam Clancy on harmony vocals. Darcy Perry Band have reached greater heights than ever before with the release of Phoenix." Waikato Times

"Phoenix is more than just a showcase of New Zealand blues guitarist Darcy Perry and gives prominence to other members of The Darcy Perry Band. The lead vocals and songwriting duties are shared throughout this recording and the result is a charming array of songs with very different textures and themes." Manawatu Evening Standard

1. Soul Of A Man (Darcy Perry)
2. Get The Hell Outta My Face (Simen Aanerud)
3. Wish It Would Rain (Darcy Perry)
4. Just Cant Help It (Craig Bracken, Simen Aanerud)
5. Circles (Darcy Perry / Regan Perry)
6. Club A Go Go (Craig Bracken, Simen Aanerud)
7. What Do You Want From Me (Simen Aanerud, Troy Gaudencio)
8. Phoenix (Darcy Perry)
9. Once Its Done (Simen Aanerud, Troy Gaudencio)
10. Another Funeral For A Friend (Darcy Perry)
11. Big Man (Craig Bracken, Simen Aanerud)
12. Stop The Traffic (Simen Aanerud, Troy Gaudencio)
13. Blues Is A Healer (Darcy Perry)
14. Kick The Crack (Paul Merriott)
15. Coming Home (Darcy Perry)
16. Save Yourself (Simen Aanerud)

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Live At The Colosseum - Darcy Perry Band

Here comes the Darcy Perry Band, live, rough and raw. From the down-home opening refrain of Ten Thousand Miles From Norway, the crowd is guaranteed an unforgettable night of blues music. There are some house rockin’ moments here, with incendiary performances of Don’t Hold Back, Leave This Town and Night and Day.

The seminal It’s All Good, which features the prodigious talent of local guitarist Joel Shadbolt, turns out to be a 12 minute tour de force of blues power. For the finale, members of the support act are invited on stage to perform Blues Man, a fan favourite from the Harmonica Masters of New Zealand album.

1. Ten Thousand Miles
2. Don't Hold Back
3. Checkin' On My Baby
4. Leave This Town
5. Night And Day
6. It's All Good
7. Tauranga Heart of the BOP
8. Wild At Heart
9. Blues Man 

Recorded and mastered by Mark Fruish (Digital Creative Solutions) during the Harmonica Masters Tour, 29th November 2007 at the Colosseum (Tauranga, NZ). The line-up includes Glen Child on drums, Paul Merriot on bass, harp maestro Craig Bracken and Norwegian piano legend Simen ‘bluekeys’ Taylor. The last track 'Blues Man' also features Doc Span (Chicago harmonica master on tour with the band), Joel Shadbolt (guitar), Regan Perry (guitar), Adam ‘Mani’ Sharplin (bass) and Grant Bullot (harmonica).

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Harmonica Masters of New Zealand - Various

"New Zealand’s finest harmonica players and their own songs on one album. Such a compilation has never been attempted before. These are the players who may be gigging at your local pub, performing at the many festivals around the country, supporting high profile overseas acts, or touring the world as ambassadors for New Zealand music. Each player has their own style and though today the harmonica is mostly associated with blues and country music, there are funk, rock, Irish and folk influences to be heard on this album."

1. Want My Money Back (Craig Bracken)
2. Life Is A Beautiful Thing (Derek 'Haggis' Maguiness)
3. Pushing It Uphill (Peri Grant)
4. This Little Thing (Jack Craw)
5. Only One (Shayn Wills)
6. Big Time Baby (Brian Glamuzina & Stingray)
7. The Rain Won't Go Away (Keri Betti & Indigo Blue)
8. The Reel Blues Reel (Brendan Power)
9. Blues Man (Nate Taiapa & Darcy Perry)
10. Sunshower (Aaron Carpenter)
11. Leaving Blues (All Around The World) (Mike Garner)
12. My Kidney's Going Hell (Graham Clark & Grant Bullot)
13. Carry My Blues Away (Midge Marsden)
14. Everybody Come Party (Darcy Perry)
15. A Little Kissing (Erna Ferry)
16. Next Town (Tura Rata)

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Live At Hamilton Gardens - Darcy Perry Band 

Darcy Perry and his renowned blues ensemble present a live concert featuring songs from the Don’t Hold Back and Heavy Rain albums. Straight from the sound desk, this is the real deal. In the words of Simen ‘Bluekeys’ Taylor, “It ain't jazz, and it ain't pretty, but this is singing and playing that will make you feel alive.”

Hailed as “one of the new breed of blues guitar heroes”, Perry earns his reputation as a charismatic live performer, with the band that went from playing bars to headlining international music festivals; harmonica ace Craig Bracken, Norwegian pianist Simen 'bluekeys' Taylor, bass player Paul Merriott and drummer Justin Roys.

Live at Hamilton Gardens: Disc 1 
1. It’s All Good (9:20)
2. Don’t Hold Back (4:24)
3. Peddlers Blues (4:19)
4. Ten Thousand Miles From Norway (7:14)
5. Save The World (7:01)
6. It’s All Downhill From Here (3:00)
7. Before I Let You Down (4:35)
8. Darcy’s Blues (5:53)
9. Reaper Man (6:20)
10. Mary Jane (5:16)
11. Mary Jane (Reprise) (5:16)

Live at Hamilton Gardens: Disc 2
1. Night And Day (9:22)
2. Here Comes Winter (4:28)
3. Living At The House of Blues (9:09)
4. Jade’s Song (3:01)
5. Heavy Rain (9:05)
6. Leave This Town (9:31)
7. Simen’s Boogie (1:40)
8. Sweet Home Waikato (2:33)

A double-disc album recorded by Paul Krippner (PK Sound) on Friday night the 24th of February, at the Hamilton Gardens Summer Arts Festival. With plenty of improvised musical adventures, including some of the group's best known songs, this album captures blistering call and response between musicians who share a deep understanding of the blues.

For the latter half of the concert they are also joined by the Young Blood Horns; Alistair Porter (trombone) and Andrew Hall (saxophones). Darcy's brother, Regan Perry (guitarist for Cornerstone Roots), also features as a special guest.

Mastered by Jason Backhouse at More Core Audio, Kelston, Auckland, NZ.

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Heavy Rain - Darcy Perry Band

"A mix of driving up-tempo cuts, slow ballads and New Orleans boogie, there's some great playing here, with scorching solos from Perry's own guitar and some great support from the band's Norwegian pianist Simen Taylor and harmonica player Craig Bracken. Perry's voice is impressive too, strong and husky." Grant Smithies (Auckland Star-Times)

"This is WORLD CLASS blues!"
Mike Fletcher (107 Blue FM)

1. Pushing Me Round
2. Save The World
3. Heavy Rain
4. It's All Downhill From Here
5. I Miss You Brother
6. Here Comes Winter
7. Reaper Man
8. Peddler's Blues
9. Jade's Song
10. Ten Thousand Miles From Norway
11. Before I Let You Down
12. King Hit

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Too Many Hard Miles - Darcy Perry & Craig Bracken

"In a break from their usual spots in front of an electric blues band, Darcy Perry & Craig Bracken sound very good as an unplugged guitar-harmonica duo." Tom Hyslop (Blues Revue, USA)

1. It's All Downhill From Here
2. I Love You Son
3. Sweet Natalie
4. One More Bro For The Road
5. Too Many Hard Miles
6. Jade's Song
7. Peddler's Blues
8. Devil's Grip
9. Lonely Girl
10. This Ain't A Love Song
11. Annaliesa
12. Too Many Hard Miles (reprise)

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Don't Hold Back - Darcy Perry Band

"Darcy sings with great passion and soul, expressing his love for the Chicago blues style." Rachel Fallon (New Zealand Musician)

"You've got to add this one to your collection. The Darcy Perry Band have crafted, with love, a stunning record." Ivan Slavov (Amplifier)

1. Don't Hold Back
2. Leave This Town
3. It's All Good (you got the blues)
4. Why You Put Me Down
5. Night and Day
6. Winter Blues
7. Living at the House of Blues
8. I Don't Need You No More
9. Little Girl Blue
10. I'm Just Trying to Live
11. Wild at Heart
12. Mary Jane
Reissue Bonus Track: Blues 4 Dad

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Blues 4 Dad - Darcy Perry

 "Perry spent his teenage years learning to play the blues in Te Kuiti, and his six-string Gibson passion shines throughout his debut album." Brent Cardy (Real Groove)

"The Darcy Perry Band is a tight electric blues band centred around the BB King-influenced guitar and R&B inflected vocals of Darcy Perry... should appeal to both blues purists and the casual listener." Tony Parker (New Zealand Musician)

"In March 2002 my Dad died of cancer. This album was recorded soon after and is dedicated to him." Darcy Perry


1. Watermelon Man (Herbie Handcock)
2. Ask Me No Questions (Riley B King)
3. Wait On Time (Kim Wilson)
4. Stormy Monday (Aaron ‘t-bone’ Walker)
5. Help The Poor (Charlie Singleton)
6. Hold On, I’m Coming (Isaac Hayes, David Porter)
7. Sweet Little Angel (J Taub, Riley B King)
8. Show Me A Little Shame (Ben Harper)
9. Blues 4 Dad (Darcy Perry)

Darcy Perry (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Simen Aanerud piano), Alex Griffith (bass), Fred Limbert (drums), Nigel Bioletti (saxophone), Kim Patterson (trumpet).

Recorded and engineered by Gordon Joll at the Java Jive, Ponsonby, Auckland, NZ.
Mastered by Simon Lynch at Stebbing Recording, Herne Bay, Auckland, NZ.

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