“Ibanez make quality instruments you want to pick up and play. The AS93 has the superb look, feel and most importantly, tone to make other semi-hollow guitars green with envy!” Darcy Perry

Darcy Perry has been playing Ibanez guitars for over 20 years. In 2007 he became an endorsee for Music Works and now exclusively performs with an Ibanez AS93. On stage and in the studio, his Ibanez flies by his side.

The Ibanez Artcore AS93 is a semi-hollowbody electric guitar with all the quality and tone you expect from Ibanez, a company with over four decades of experience making full and semi-acoustic guitars.

Ibanez represents change. Some players and some companies play it safe and rest on what they did in the past. Ibanez and Ibanez players look forward and take risks.

Blue September Trade Me Auction
"I've been touring with an AS93 exclusively for a few years now. Superb tone, look and feel - it's absolutely gorgeous!" Darcy Perry

Thanks to Music Works and Trade Me, an Ibanez AS93 auction began at $1 Reserve as part of the fundraising effort for Blue September 2010. The Artcore AS93 features incredible stability and strength, along with beautiful gold hardware and stunning abalone inlays.

This auction ran on Trade Me for the entire month of September with all proceeds going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Many took the chance to get behind Blue September and the winning bidder got their hands on an amazing blue Ibanez guitar!

Ibanez Giveaway 
"Special thanks to Weirs Music Works for helping make this happen." Darcy Perry

At the Hamilton Summer Gardens Festival '08, we gave away an Ibanez Artcore electric guitar worth $995 to one lucky Ticket Holder.

The Winner, Lesley Stephenson from Raglan, took home a beautiful Ibanez Semi-Hollow body guitar in Transparent Red. Lesley, who hasn't played for a long time was over the moon and said she couldn't wait to get back into playing the guitar.

Brought to you by Darcy Perry and Weirs Music Works, Hamilton. http://www.weirsmusic.co.nz/

Ibanez: The Inside Story. Read it here: http://bit.ly/1bSkCm9